About Us

In 2012, Rick Benzel and Susan Shankin co-founded the Over And Above Creative Group, which offers a wide range of services for authors. This blog is a reflection of our extensive experience in publishing.

We love ideas, words, and design. We want to help new authors get their ideas and words into print. OUr company, Over and Above Creative Group, assists anyone writing a book or e-book through the publishing and marketing process. We can help authors with a full gamut of services — manuscript evaluation, editing, ghostwriting, cover and interior design, developing a marketing and PR campaign, and distribution. We are eager to launch your ideas and words into the world. Contact us for details on how we can help you. You can reach me via email at rickbenzel@overandabovecreative.com or by phone at  310-962-8364

Rick Benzel is an editor and ghostwriter with 35+ years experience in book publishing and corporate writing. He has edited 100’s of books, authored 5, and ghostwritten 15 books for professors, consultants, and business executives. He was the Senior Editor for the best-selling book, The Artist’s Way and a Contributing Editor for the NY Times Business Bestseller We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World. 

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